Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's already been a month!?!

We moved home on March 25th. Our last few days in Amsterdam were hectic and filled with cleaning and packing. Thank goodness Janet was there to help. We couldn't have done it with out her.

We also couldn't have made it through our airport ordeal with out Courtenay & Brian. The dogs stayed with Courtenay & Brian for the last few days while we cleared out the apartment and spent the two nights in a hotel. They also helped us load our 7 suitcases, 2 very large dog crates and jogger into the van taxi. Kevin and Janet took Isaak and the dogs to the airport on the train and Courtenay and I squeezed in to the van with all of our luggage. It took us almost 2 hours to get checked in and all of our extra baggage fees paid. We dumped the dogs (yes both) off the luggage cart a couple of times. Isaak had his own seat on the flight, with his carseat. It really made all of the difference in the flight home. Andrea and Luis met us at the airport and helped us shuttle everything to our temporary apartment.

Our move home would have a lot more painful, physically, mentally and emotionally with out such great friends.

Somethings we settled right back into, it has taken a little while longer on others.  I am still not up for grocery shopping at Winco. I have to work up to it.

The new job is great! I love my team, boss and job. Granted I am no expert yet...but ignorance is bliss.

Other then work we have been getting back into the swing of things. Running on the weekend, taking the dogs to the dog park, working through Isaak's first ear infection, being at the farm for Dad's birthday, divying up some of Dad's stuff (guns...painful), watching Isaak get closer to walking, taking swim lessons with Isaak, Kevin's flying lessons, trying to get the book club book read before Wednesday, returning to the "wine club" (oh how it has grown from that first Champagne night) and reconnecting with our friends.

This weekend we are headed to Phoenix to visit Kevin's parents. Kevin and Isaak fly down Thursday morning and I will leave after work on Friday.