Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving - Eve...more crafty projects.

I am working on a quilt. I will post pictures later. It is a very cute brown, orange & blue ragged square quilt. The top is done and I am ready to make the back, put it together and then quilt it!

In the mean time I found these rose barrettes to make for my little girl...they will go well with her brother's hand me down clothes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I don't know how or when (ok I could maybe guess) but I think I may be catching the quilting bug and I haven't even made a quilt yet...but I have several ideas in my head.

I want to make a "big boy bed" quilt for Isaak, something with blues and browns.  Yes a big boy bed is in his future this spring, we need the crib for baby number 2 (April 2011).

I want to make a baby/crib quilt for our yet-to-be named daughter. Greens, Yellows, Blues, maybe a little pink.

I want to make a tree skirt that has quilt blocks in it (maybe not this year), maybe something like this.

I want to make 4 Christmas stockings, with the front made from red and green quilt squares.

I want to try this coins baby quilt.

I also want to try this simple square quilt or this raggedy quilt. Maybe I can whip one of them up in the next couple of weeks (too optimistic?), I do already have some fabric.

I already know what my problem is going to be...the prep. I just want to put it together! Not try to match colors, measure or cut...and certainly not pre-wash the fabric. Who has the patience for all of that, not me.