Monday, March 15, 2010


It just occured to me that Easter is right around the corner, well...Sew Mama Sew provided a little bit of a reminder.

I can't wait to get to Portland and to get my hands on a sewing machine! I have a handful of cute little critters that I want to make for Isaak for Easter!

Thanks to Sew Mama Sew,

I want to make this...
and this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

ooh and this...

ooh ooh and this!

It looks like I will be busy.

Isaak's 1st Birthday

Isaak had his first birthday last week. It is hard to believe an entire year has passed since Isaak was born. We celebrated with our friends Courtenay, Brian, Esther, Huib & Bo.

Don't judge me on the high chair. It was free and I am not complaining, however the pastel ruffles woudn't have been my first choice.

I wasn't up to making a cake, instead I made these peanut butter & jelly bars. They were suitably messy for a 1st birthday.

Isaak didn't really know what to do with the presents or how to unwrap them, I am sure he will learn before long.

I love this rocking horse! Thank you Esther & Huib.

And to top it all off, Kevin took this video of Isaak playing in his bath yesterday.

At least we know he doesn't mind water in his face.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crocus Break

For Kevin's Crocus break this year we decided to take a 7 day road trip through Luxembourg and Germany. Our plans were to spend the weekend in Luxembourg with Kevin's cousins Anne & Jim, then drive to Bavaria and spend a couple of days with my cousin Amy and then wing it for a couple of days.

All good road trips have to start with a little drama or tramatic experience. Ours was no different. While we were in the final stages of packing the car the apartment door was left open and isaak craweled out to the stairwell and promptly fell down half a flight. He developed a nasty bruise and goose egg on his forehead. He cried for a few minutes, I tried to put ice on it but that would only bring on more screaming.

On to Luxembourg. We were going to stop in Maastricht and have lunch on the way. We ended up in a traffic jam outside of Maastricht, it took us 1.5 hours to go 5 km. Lunch ended up being at 2pm and at the Mcdonalds. Oh well. We made it to Anne & Jim's around 5pm. The last time Kevin had seen Anne & Jim was at their wedding, 30+ years ago. He didn't remember it but Anne had the pictures to prove it.

We spent the weekend relaxing, meeting their kids, see a few of the local sites, and eating and drinking very well!


Monday we headed on to Grafenwohr, in Germany, to see my cousin Amy. I think this is the first time that Amy and I had really seen each other in 20 years. When we were little we use to play together when ever our parents would visit each other. We are similar in age and similar personalities, when we were little we looked very similar too. Amy's dad, Scotty, likes to tell the story of my dad trying to get the 3 of us (Greg, Denise & I) all in to the car to head home, but rather then herding me to the car he had Amy in hand. We met Amy's beautiful little girl Allora.


Isaak was instantly in love, although I think his enthusiasm scared Allora at first.

While at Amy's we made a day trip to Nuremburg. Umm...bratwust, beer, pretzels and dumplings.


Wednesday morning we decided to head to Munich for the day. More bavarian food. I think Kevin and I both put on a few pounds during this trip. We didn't really do much siteseeing in Munich, but then what more do you need to see other then food.

Isaak decided that he had had the last of the mashed baby food, while we were traveling. He refused anything more then 2 bites of mashed food, so we threw our hands in the air and just started feeding him from our plates. He really liked the sausage and dumplings. The look on his face when we gave him saurkraut. Priceless.


After Munich we headed north to Bacharach. Bacharach is a cute little town on the Rhine, surrounded by little castles - on both sides of the river. We stayed at a cute little hotel and just relaxed.



Friday we headed home.

We tried to limit our driving to about 4 hours a day. Anything more then that and Isaak would really start to complain, which I promptly solved by feeding him teeting cookies. You do what you have to...