Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big News

I don't think I have shared this yet, probably because I haven't wanted to jinx it. Isaak is sleeping through the night. He typically does 6 - 5ish. I can't believe it!

This week was Bill's last week in The Netherlands, so we took him out for fondue at Cafe Bern. 4 sterno flames at a table of 10 isn't the best idea on a hot & humid day, but it was good anyway.

Kathleen baby sat Isaak (not to difficult when he just sleeps).

Andrea was in town this week for work too. I wasn't a very good city host. Saturday I sent her and Kathleen to the Van Gogh museum so Isaak could get a good nap in the morning. I met them at the museum for lunch and then a stroll down the Albert Cuyp market - my first time. The market is definately the place to by fruits & veggies. A better selection then Albert Hein (the only grocery store around) and a heck of a lot cheaper then the veggie store.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bella Italy

Last weekend, Isaak, Kathleen (Kevin's Mom), Andrea & I went to Cinque Terre. These are 5 towns on the northern Mediterrean coast of Italy. There are hiking trails between the towns. If you don't want to walk from town to town you can take the train.

It was beautiful and relaxing!

We left Amsterdam on Thursday morning, after Andrea arrived from the US. We took the train to Eindhoven so that we could catch a cheap flight to Pisa. The plane was late and Isaak was hungry, but once we boarded and I fed him then it was a good flight.

I think each airline has a different infant policy, Ryanair's policy is to use a infant seat belt, I don't think Isaak was impressed.

We picked up our rental car in Pisa. I had asked for a car that would fit 3 adults, 1 infant and our bags & stroller. The initial car they gave fit everything, but the stroller, so I had to ask for a larger car. Once we were finally on the road it didn't take long to get to Manarola (2nd of the 5 towns and our home base).

Wouldn't you know that I chose the steepest of the 5 towns to stay in, and our apartment was at the top of the town. It was a beautiful town.

Friday morning, after an Italian breakfast of coffee & a pastry, we walked to the harbor in Manarola and then decided to walk north to Cornigila. It was very warm but beautiful We would rest in the shade and just enjoy the view of the Mediterrean. Once in Corgnilia we hopped the train to Monterossa so that I could pick up a swim suit (yes I forgot mine). We had lunch in Monterossa and walked around a little.

When we were ready to head home we headed back to the train station to take the train to Manarola. We jumped on the wrong train that took us all of the way to La Spezia (south of Cinque Terre) and then had to figure out how to get back.

We finally made it back to our apartment and crashed. I gave Isaak a quick bath to cool him off, in the bidet. It was the right size... Too bad there aren't any pictures of it though.

Saturday we decided to head north to Riomaggiore. I had Isaak in the Ergo but didn't need to. The stroller would have made the entire trip...very flat and PAVED!

We had lunch in a cute little restaurant that was overlooking the harbor and then headed into town to find the bar with "better mojitos then in Cuba", according to our guide book. We then wandered on down to the train station and jumped on the train back to Manarola. We screwed up again and actually took the train all of the way to Monterossa. Eventually we did get the hang of the train system...really.

Sunday was more relaxing. Kathleen went to Mass at the church in Manarola and Andrea & I hung out by the water. It looked like it was going to be dark & stormy all day, but it burned off pretty quickly. We hadn't yet seen Vernazza so we grabbed the train there, once we picked up Kathleen. By the time the 5 minute train ride was over the weather was glorious. We headed into town, making our way to the harbor. We stopped to have gelato....and Isaak's first solid food. Strawberry Gelato. Everyone should be so lucky. I think he liked it.

Once at the harbor we dipped Isaak's feet in the water & sand and then Andrea and I went for a swim. It was quite warm! We hung out on the sea wall in the sun & shade until about 4pm and then decided to head back to Manarola.

Monday morning we got up early to drive back to Pisa and then fly home.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its been too long...

It has been a long time since I posted last.

Isaak and I traveled to the US at the end of May. It broke Kevin's heart to be away from Isaak for so long. Isaak and I were able to spend a few days in Portland and then spent a week at my Dad's. The Portland portion of the trip was too short and I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to.

While in Portland we stayed at Andrea's house. Michelle came down from Seattle to see us, we had dinner with the Pool's & Dittman's. Rebecca threw a "Meet Isaak" shower -- moving the 3-6mo onesie up to 18. 18! I got to see most of the girls while at Rebecca's. I miss them so much! Before I left town I also had coffee with Sarah.

I spent more time at Dad's. We spent in an evening in Spokane at my brother's house, spending time with my Sister-in-Law and nephew. My aunt's came up to visit, they took turns holding Isaak for the 45 minutes that he was awake between naps. At the time he was sleeping for 4 hours between feeds. They kept wanting to wake him up to hold him...Louise ended up taking a nap with him, getting her a little more time with him.

My sister was also in town. It was great to see her. She and I stayed in my grandparent's 5th wheel that we parked in front of Dad & Janet's house. Janet's daughter, Jacki, got married that weekend and this allowed us to get more time with Dad & Janet yet be out of their hair.

During our time at Dad's, Isaak decided to start sleeping through the night. He went from around 9pm - 5am. It was heaven! He did it about 4 times.

The flight home was tough. He didn't sleep much, which meant I didn't sleep much. I am suprised I was still standing when Courtenay met me at the airport. I am not sure that I was coherent. She helped us get home (I came home with 1 more suitcase then I left with).

Once home (at 9am), I fed Isaak and then we both slept for 3 hours. I woke up and fed him again, handed him to Kevin and then slept for another 3 hours. It wasn't the right way to get over jet lag, but there was no way I could stay awake. I started to get a cold while I was at my dad's...the lack of sleep on the plane only made it worse.

Kevin's mom arrived on Saturday, June 6th. I had to go back to work on the 8th and Kevin is working 5 days a week during June so she is going to watch Isaak for us during the day. We are still trying to get in to daycare, I have my fingers crossed that we will have a spot when we need it in August.

I started work on Monday, and Sunday Isaak's jet lag was in full force. He was awake and hungry every 2 hours...and I had to get up at 5. It took until about Wednesday night for him to go for more then 3 hours at a time. YUCK! I was a walking zombie for those days.

This Thursday he started sleeping longer at night. He started to go from 10:30 - 7 or 8am, and I actually went to bed immediately after him! It has been a long time since I have gotten that much sleep!

Yesterday we went out to Pancakes with Courtenay, Brian & Bill. They were as good as I remembered! Kevin, Kathleen & Isaak and I then walked around for a while, slowly introducing Kathleen to the sights.

I promise to upload new Isaak pictures to Flickr and add a few photos to this post. After I get some sleep!