Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yet another day of mortar and tile

Day 4 of the project...And the book said 14 hours for a novice....
All of the tile up, Monday night.

Now for the grout. It took a couple of tries to get it the right consistency. Once I had that it was a piece of cake. When it was too dry it was a pain in the ass!

Grout cleaned for 3 days of "wet curing", then the sealer. The new glass door will go up after that.

We hope to be showering in our own shower by Sunday. Thank goodness for great neighbors
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 3: More tile

The tile is the easiest part of the whole gig. Kevin is running back and forth making the cuts for me while I try not to screw up the lines on the wall.

It's 3pm and I have to run to work for a meeting, and then I will be back to finish the last 1.5 walls.
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Day 2 of the Spring Break adventure

By the time we had hit George Morlan, Home Depot & Lowes neither one of us wanted to touch this project again on Saturday. Kevin replaced the valve while I took dinner to Rebecca and then we called it a night. Sunday morning we started puting up the cement backerboard.

Day 2:
The new 3 in 1 valve. We are hoping it won't leak. Plastic vapor barrier. Cement board up and seams being patched.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Demolition Complete

Now it is time to figure out how to replace the valve and begin putting the walls back together.

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Ready or Not continued...

Demolition in progress.. Luckily the studs don't look like they need to be replaced.

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Ready or Not....

The shower re-model has started.

These are the before pics. Demolition started at 10am.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Planning a bath remodel...

Kevin's spring break is in a week. I am going to take the week off too. We are going to tile the surround of the shower. I stopped at a tile store on my way home from work today to pick up samples. Tomorrow we will order the shower door and figure out what tools we are going to need and don't have. This should be an adventure.

Kevin's brother, Richard, is staying with us for a while...I don't think any of the three of us want to go more than a day or two with out a shower - and we only have one bathroom. The plan is to use the neighbor's shower while ours is out of commission.

It looks like it will be Mark, Jay & I riding on Sunday. If it isn't raining. They are fair weather riders, I hope it is sunny.

I have been trying to rehab my knee so that it won't hurt when I run. It has been pretty frustrating as it has hurt every day for the last 18 months. My physio therapist thinks we are to the point where we can maintain the pain level, mobility and range of motion...but it won't really be much better than it is today. It still hurts all of the time. I am not running and not kicking when I swim. I am going to look in to other options - options that involve a scapel. I don't like the idea of not being able to be active (run/swim etc) in the next 50 years. I would rather go through 2 years of hell (it is a full year of recovery from the surgery) and be able to be active after that, rather than pain for the rest of my life. I really miss running.

A quick trip to Europe

Well, so far I am not very consistent at either posting or training.

I was in Europe last week for work, so that meant no long ride for me on March 1st. Not that the week wasn't lacking for excitement. I I needed to be in both Holland and Belgium, so Thursday night I took my little rental car and drove the 2 -3 hours to Belgium. I stayed in a cute little town that was very close to the office (there isn't actually anything near the office). Thank goodness for GPSes, I was wondering through little towns and backroads for about an hour, before I finally got to the hotel. The adventure got more exciting on the return trip to Holland. I must have chosen the "Long, meadering" route home. I followed every turn of the GPS.....and ended up on ferry (in the middle of no where) crossing a canal. I think the largest town I came across was Gouda. This is a little disturbing as I know there is a major highway between Antwerp & Amsterdam (and I was on my way to it for a little while) and I spent 3.5 hours making my way (in the dark) through back roads.

It is always an adventure with me.

I flew home on Saturday the 8th - I was on the ground by 12 and at home by 12:45... At 4pm we were at Cirque de Soeliel and then dinner and cake for Peter's birthday.

Sunday morning, I went for a 40 mile ride with Bob & Leslie. It was a beautiful day! It started out a little cold but warmed up nicely.